True Love

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Ishita: Do you love me dear?
Balu: I do
Ishita: How much?
Balu: More than my life
Ishita: Promise me we will be always together. Till death do us part
Balu: Till death do us part in every birth we take
Ishita: I know you are only mine. I won't trade you for the world!
Balu: You are the only girl I have ever known who genuinely cares for me and I appreciate it
Ishita: I really do
Balu: Whenever I see you near me, I feel so blessed
Ishita: I experience bliss
Balu: You are an angel couriered for me from above
Ishita: I have only started living after meeting you
Balu: It feels as if I know you since an eternity
Ishita: Strange. But true
Balu: Whenever I close my eyes, it's only you
Ishita: You will make me cry
Balu: I Love You
Ishita: I have always loved you. Love you too!
*Hug. Tighter hug. Tighest hug. Violins. Sparks. Breeze. Kiss*
Balu: Loving you is like losing myself
Ishita: Loving you is like finding myself
Balu: Don't you dare shed those tears! They are precious
Ishita: I know. My smile lights up your day. Tears unsettle you. I won't cry now. Ever!
Balu: You know me so well Asha
Ishita: Huh. Who is Asha?
Balu: Oops! Sorry! You also know me so well Nishita....
Ishita: Get Lost!
Balu: Don't go away! Don't! Oops...Hey...Ohh...Hello...Errr...Didn't I say "Loving you is like losing myself"....Short term memory loss is just the beginning of the whole process.....Stoppppppp...Atleast leave back my Nokia Touch 5800 we exchanged last week. Take your Nokia 1100 with you. God!! Stopppppppppp......



achha bacchu!! maaro maaro!!

LMFAO....gosh tu to mara :P
Loved it :D

hahahaha....first timer on this blog..!!!

had a great time reading it.....thanks a lot for making such a sweet one..!!!

but poor guy...lost Nokia 5800 for a 1100.....huh..!!!!

really nice blog..!!!!

i thank Kajal for helping me knoe abt this blog..!!! thanks buddy..!!!

ha ha ROFL touch 5800 vs 1100 :P :P

toooo gud twin...loved it!

ooopsss..by the wat followed next??:P

hah.. really funny.. loved it..:)

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