The Fifth Kind!

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Girl: Sir! With this product, bulging bellies would be a thing of the past
Balu: Wow
Girl: This sauna belt is guaranteed to burn all your fat in 1 month flat
Balu: Wow
Girl: You will get these two bottles of hair oil free if you buy it from our store. Offer closes today.
Balu: Wow
Girl: Could you please drop in your name and contact address so that we can deliver it to you?
Balu: Wow
Girl: Sir. What happened?
Balu: Wow
Girl: Do you understand english?
Balu: Wow



wow! balu.... the world is waiting to drop dead laughing with your humour.. go ahead raise a laughter riot.. my balan!!

*does an aarti*

*puts a chandan teeka on his forehead*

*throws flower petals on him*


oh yes yes yes

*greets him for his new career
*offers him a flower bouquet
*gives him 51 rs kaa prasad ...

welcome bro .. new blog...woww

only humour wohaaaaa

and hey cheater mera name change kiyaaa
it was written for me naaa

wow the balan humour.....i to am already a fan of it ....now i will get it more even after end of LOL contest...Love it

ALL the best with the balan humour :D

Wow!!! ;)


yeyyyyyyyy!! *runs towards the mirror and looks at the tilak on his forehead. His chest swells with pride. Takes out his talwaar and takes a khoon ki pratigya..I will never let her shed a tear. Maharaj ka promise*

first one to follow n first one to comment...wow!! you become the special one of this blog! the numero uno! yeyyyyyyyyy!!


accepts that 51 Rs. ka dakshina. Dreams of relishing one half tandoori for lunch tomm. Makes a mental note to hand over this bouquet to any gorgeous lady in office in the morning. he he..

Thanx a ton bro for coming down. Cheers!


to be very frank...that forced me to start this blog. I had got so addicted to the micro humour bit that I could not resist. Yup...an unending supply of this genre of "mad humour" at your disposal...

This shack is intended only for that. "Serious stuff" please remove your shoes outside before coming :-)


aap yahaan!! bow bow bow!! :-)

wow!! new blog!! yeyyyyy!!
and that too such a mast one!! :D
amazinggg....dis post ws toooo gud..!! i loved d name n d template too...superbbbb!

great goin twin!!

Wow :D What a wow blog and a wow post :D

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