The Check Up

Posted by Sandeep Balan on 2:11 AM in

Doctor: Hmmm...Show me your tongue. Stick it out.

Balu: Aaaaaaaa...

Doctor: Hmmm...Let me see your eyes.

Balu: *Eyes wide open*

Doctor: Hmmm...Show me your hand. Let me check the pulse rate.

Balu: Here. here.

Doctor: Remove your tee.

*Doctor falls from his chair on seeing the patients response at his request. Too shocked to react*

Doctor: *With much efforts* I remember asking you to show me your tongue, your eyes and your hand. I never asked you to show me your middle finger. Did I?



oops!! LOL :D

didnt follow much of LOL at lounge..only d initial ones...but waiting to read all ur microhumour here!!

wow ...LOL....i love ur microhumours :D keep writing :D

wow ...LOL....i love ur microhumours :D keep writing :D ...loved it.... nice

hahahahah... doctor ki to aisi ki taisi..:P

ha ha ha !!!

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